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Famous people born today
  • Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga

    cântăreaţă şi compozitoare americană (28 martie 1986)
  • Julia Stiles

    Julia Stiles

    actriţă americană (28 martie 1981)
  • Annie Wersching

    Annie Wersching

    actriţă americană (28 martie 1977)
  • Nikki Sanderson

    Nikki Sanderson

    actriţă engleză (28 martie 1984)
  • Andreea Diaconu

    Andreea Diaconu

    model român (28 martie 1991)

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  • Ass 2015-Mar-22 19:52:27 13 iulie 2007
    Ass said fuk u
  • Anil Blon 2015-Mar-12 15:52:58 La Senza
    Anil Blon said Lauren Budd is one of my fav . She is looking hot
  • Tahmeed 2015-Mar-09 23:51:45 Demi Lovato
    Tahmeed said Beautiful,nice,elegant
  • René M. 2015-Mar-07 06:27:59 Ornella Muti
    René M. said »»»»»» O R N E L L A »»»»»» G U T »»»»»» G E S C H M O L L T »»»»»» G U T »»»»»» G E L A C H T »»»»»» S C H Ö N H E I T »»»»»» A U F »»»»»»…
  • John 2015-Mar-03 13:28:41 Jennifer Lyons
    John said WOW. Absolutely gorgeous. Is there any better!!!!

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