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  • Kate Moss

    Kate Moss

    model englez (16 ianuarie 1974)
  • Eva Habermann

    Eva Habermann

    actriţă germană (16 ianuarie 1976)
  • Caroline Munro

    Caroline Munro

    model şi actriţă engleză (16 ianuarie 1949)
  • Sade Adu

    Sade Adu

    cântăreaţă şi compozitoare britanică de origine nigeriană (16 ianuarie 1959)

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  • Lucian 2016-Dec-16 08:48:12 Ana, mon amour
    Lucian said Unul dintre cele mai frumoase afişe de film!
  • devona manuel 2016-Nov-21 15:01:30 Brooke Vincent
    devona manuel said Brooke Vincent has a hot body I wish I was skinny like her I'm a go on a diet so I can get all the guys <br /> yeah I'm thirsty. im a get me some of that who wants to join me
  • Ionel 2016-Oct-26 20:11:05 Cezara Dafinescu
    Ionel said Prea bună gagica! Mare actriță!
  • Clifton Dozier 2016-Oct-22 03:58:48 Halle Berry
    Clifton Dozier said Beautiful as always.
  • your fans 2016-Oct-19 11:06:27 Taylor Swift
    your fans said you are the best of all &lt;3

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