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  • Kim Novak

    Kim Novak

    actriţă americană (13 februarie 1933)
  • Kelly Hu

    Kelly Hu

    model şi actriţă americană, Miss Teen USA 1985 şi Miss Hawaii USA 1993 (13 februarie 1968)
  • Mena Suvari

    Mena Suvari

    actriţă americană (13 februarie 1979)

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  • Ciprian Nicula

    Ciprian Nicula

    Scenă din spectacolul "O întâmplare ciudată cu un câine la miezul nopţii"



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  • ano 2016-Jan-29 11:45:50 Jeri Ryan
    ano said There are some women on this planet who radiate beauty moreso without makeup. Jeri Ryan is one of those rare women.<br /> <br /> Sade, Marilyn Monroe, Andie MacDowell, Beyonce. These women also have a different look about them that is almost unexplainable. Their beauty is undeniable and universal. Aside…
  • pachy 2016-Jan-18 16:16:48 Naomi Watts
    pachy said The freshliness of a flower sorounded by desire!!
  • pachy barrera 2016-Jan-18 16:08:20 Naomi Watts
    pachy barrera said Beautifullness inside out!!!
  • patrick bellin 2016-Jan-16 11:43:25 Catherine Bell
    patrick bellin said Cat Bell<br /> Petite lune<br /> Petite Chatte de bibliothèque
  • patrick bellin 2016-Jan-13 21:24:48 Catherine Bell
    patrick bellin said Et vous vous étiez LÀ à me regarder<br /> Dans le fond de vos yeux un sourire<br /> Se noyant mes yeux dans votre corsage<br /> Et dans le fil de la soie blanche de vos dessous<br />

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