Diy Floating Bed Frame With Led Lighting Plans

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Think about your bedroom, what is it that comes to your mind first? The BED! And yet it is the last item we think of changing when we plan to change the decor of the room and suit it to our personality. The reasons could be several diy floating bed frame with led lighting plans

But, what if we tell you that you can make your own easily? And that too not a regular and boring one, but a DIY floating bed frame with led lighting plans? Yes, all your plans of transforming your bedroom look into one similar to a celebrity’s will now be realized.

And the best part? The satisfaction of doing everything by yourself and on a budget. So without any more delay, hop on to see what options you have and how to make a homemade floating bed frame.

Elegant Looking Floating Bed Frame: Types & Options

Before getting on to the project or rather any project, the first step is always research. So is the case with the DIY floating bed frame with LED lighting plans. It is important to know what are the options, get ideas, and then plan based on designs that would suit your purpose and style the best.

diy floating bed frame with led lighting plans
Elegant Looking Floating Bed Frame: Types & Options

Because let’s just accept it, despite the need for aesthetics, you can never really overlook or avoid its first purpose- comfort, along with smart storage several times that comes second to it. So before getting ahead with the action, let’s take a look at a few types of floating beds for ideas for planning and design ideas:

  • King Size Floating Bed Frame

King size is the largest bed frame size with the specification of 76” in width and 80” in length. Most people like to keep a king-size bed in their master bedrooms for different reasons.

While it is a preferred size for large rooms for some, others with pets or kids keep it for the large space it provides. However, the largest bed size doesn’t come at a budget-friendly price for a course unless it’s a DIY project.

And since it’s in your hand, you can take up your game of aesthetics with a DIY floating bed frame with led lighting plans.

  • DIY King Bed Frame With Storage

While floating beds are normally not made with a store counter, some smartly introduce them without ruining the design. The trick is to make the storage space smaller than the bed frame. It means that the bed frame looks like an extended platform.

So, not only does it create a floating bed look with storage, the extended section also gives you space to add LED lighting.

  • Bed Frame That Sits On Floor

The entire concept of floating beds comes from the idea of no legs. So if that is what you are really trying to avoid in your DIY beds, then you may also go for a bed frame that sits on the floor. It makes the project easier.

All you need is to create a wooden platform of the desired size and place it on the floor. Many people like to style this bed frame on a higher platform section created for smart storage. This idea is also popular for creating window seating.

  • Wood Platform Bed With Headboard And LED Lights

Even though it sounds different, a wooden platform bed with a headboard is nothing but a floating bed with LED lights. Adding a headboard is common with floating beds because it makes making the bed easy.

However, several people accessorize the bed with a side space for lamps and books, very similar to a side table only without legs.

Floating Bed Frame With Regular Lumber

Elegant Looking Floating Bed Frame: Types & Options
Floating Bed Frame With Regular Lumber

While you may use any lumber for building these frames and other sections of the bed, regular ones cost less and give value for money. Furthermore, you may even choose wooden ply for the project to even lower the cost of building a bed. However, the life of the bed, in that case, may decrease substantially.

How To Make A Floating Platform Bed Frame

When you think of making king-size floating bed frame plans, you need to think of it as three projects and not one. It is because the bed has three main sections that require separate building before being put together to create an illusion of a floating bed. 

The three main sections of the floating bed are:

  • Slats
  • Base
  • Platform

Step 1- Making The Slats

You will need two-bed slats for your floating bed. It means when planning out the dimensions of slats for a king size floating bed, each would be of the following size:

  • Length – 80″
  • Width – 38″

You would need two of them. While you can easily search and get the design of slats to understand the basic structure, you must pay attention to details. The spacing between each wooden bar placed in the slats should be as accurate as possible which needs to be of equal spacing. Even though you may have small errors, uneven gaps may lead to breaking and disbalance.

Once you have two sets of slats, move on to the next section, which is the base.

Step 2 – Building The Base

The base is the support for the slats. Considering the design, the dimensions of the base are going to be smaller from all sides for a floating bed. To have numbers:

Length – 64″

Width – 44″

The dimensions of the base change according to the size of the bed. Since this one is a large bed, it is recommended to make three divisions in the base. You may even make two in case of smaller beds.

However, in any case, the base looks like a frame with cells to support the slats. So use lumber to make boxes inside the base to create the required structure to finally create the platform of the bed.

Step 3- Placing The Platform

The final section of the floating bed is the platform. There are two ways to complete the platform. 

  1. You may create a frame for the two slats and then close or cover it up with two wooden panels of the king bed size. 
  2. Alternatively, you may use two wooden panels for the top of the slats without adding a frame. However, the work would be clumsy and there would be risk of the platform falling off. 

So once you have the platform ready, it is time to frame it up. 

Floating Bed Frame DIY From Scratch To Finish

Once you are ready with the three sections, you need to put them all together to make the structure. Framing requires joining the base with the slats then adding a frame before topping it off with the platform. Be prepared because you will need a lot of screws and nails to fix the structure and make it strong. The final frame will be one big structure that would move like one single article.

diy floating bed frame with led lighting plans

Even though at this stage it looks ready, it is only 80% complete. Firstly, you need to place the bed frame in the right place and then add a mattress to complete the bed.

And let’s not forget the home furnishings. However, we are still not done yet! It is because we started off with a  DIY floating bed frame with LED lighting plans. So, till we add the lights to the bed, the project would remain incomplete.

Floating Bed Frame With Built-In LED Strips

Floating beds are very stylish because of the illusion it creates. However, it turns magical with a slight addiction to the design with LED strips. Since the platform is extended, adding LED lights or pasting LED strips under the extended sections of the platform changes the entire look. In a moment, a good-looking bed transforms into a floating cloud..all thanks to the LED idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Make An LED Floating Bed?

Start with research and a detailed plan of your floating bed with dimensions and design. Once you have the design then break the structure into three sections: base, slats, and platform.

Get lumber and start building the bed shaping the lumber in appropriate sizes to create the frames for each section. After the three sections are made, you need to join them to get your floating bed. Since it’s a floating bed the base is smaller than the platform and the slats.

And finally, add LED lights under the extended part of the platform to create an LED floating bed.

2. How Much Does It Cost To Make A Floating Bed Frame?

A DIY floating bed can cost anywhere between 160 and 350 USD. The lumber used and the LED lights used for the bed plays a role in making the price a variable.  

3. How Do You Make A Floating Bed With Lights?

First, you make a floating bed following the directions mentioned above. And then, second, you add lights or more specifically LED light strips under your bed platform for an effective look.

4. How Do You Make A Sturdy Floating Bed Frame?

You need several things to make a sturdy floating bed frame. Here is a list:

  • Plan
  • Dimensions
  • Saw
  • Drilling machine
  • Screw driver
  • Wood glue
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil 
  • Screws 

Once you have these, follow the step-by-step process mentioned above to make a sturdy DIY floating bed with LED lighting plans.

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