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The idea of a decorated and beautiful outdoor environment in their apartment is a desire of almost every homeowner. A privacy screen on your outdoor deck is the ideal way to ensure both beauty and how to add privacy screens to the existing deck. Outdoor privacy screens are modern, sophisticated and an urban solution to stay outdoors without the intruding gaze of your neighbors.

Here we will provide you with all the required information on how to add privacy screen to existing deck and what will be the ideal choice of privacy screens for your apartment.

Overview: The Advantages Of A Deck Privacy Screen

Everyone enjoys spending time on their deck, without having their neighbors peeping in on them. If that’s the same situation with you this privacy fence deck project is for you. 

There are several privacy screen options but a deck privacy screen is superior for many reasons.  It is wonderfully designed to make your deck private and replace the existing railings.

The new fence is usually made of construction-grade cedar which gives it a very classy look. The railing panels formed by 2×4 upright posts provide an appealing symmetry to complement any railing. 

How To Build A Privacy Screen For Your Deck?

how to add privacy screen to existing deck
How To Build A Privacy Screen For Your Deck?

Almost all homeowners these days wonder the question of how to add privacy screen to existing deck. Follow the given steps to make your deck private, just as you desire-

Step 1– Draw your plan and buy all the materials for your deck privacy screen.

Check the measurements of your deck and determine how many full-size panels you require. Depending on the type of deck choose the wideness of the panels.

Gather all the tools you will require such as a circular saw, screwdriver, hand saw, saw horses, tape measure, cordless drill, hammer etc.

Choose superior quality wood and check every deck piece when they arrive to check for any damage. 

Step 2- Cut and set the posts for deck privacy screens.

Take out the cedar 2×4 posts and cut them to proper length at least 30 degrees meter. Fasten the bolts and fix your fences to the deck carefully. 

Step 3– Fix the upper and lower rails.

Screw the lower rails to each of the posts using 3inch galvanized screws at an angle. Repeat the same method to screw the upper rails.

Step 4– Cut and nail the railing trim 

Now rip-cut the horizontal trim pieces and the cleats from the wide cedar boards according to the dimensions you need. Now nail them over the railing edges to cover the joints.

Step 5- Install the slats

Now nail the cleats to the rail pieces and the underside of each top rail. Use 4d galvanized nails for the purpose.

Step 6- Reinforce the rim joist and provide a finish

To strengthen the rim joist against heavy wind 2×6 box bridging between the two outside joists. Fix each joist with 3 ½ inches of deck screws. Install bridging every 2ft.

Apply finishing touches such as coloring the fence and polishing the wood.

Now enjoy a peaceful outdoor without your nosy neighbors sneaking and peeking into your comfort time.

Add A Privacy Screen On Top Of Deck Railing

If you already have a deck railing you just need to add the privacy screen on top of the deck railing. Figure out the size of the top of your railing and construct your own privacy screen using bamboo or other materials. 

Inexpensive Screened In Deck Ideas

Instead of going for ready-made privacy screens for your home, you can always make your own DIY privacy screens. We have a few inexpensive ideas such as-

  • Bamboo privacy screens
  • Planter box privacy screens
  • Fabric Porch Privacy Screens
  • Plant pots privacy screens
  • Lattice Fence

Variety Of Pergola Privacy Wall Ideas

How To Add Privacy Screen To Existing Deck
Variety Of Pergola Privacy Wall Ideas

A Pergola privacy wall is a sophisticated privacy screen idea. You can make your own DIY pergola privacy wall using PVC pipes, wooden/metal posts, and optional curtains.

Use the PVC pipes and wooden posts to make the frames. Hang the curtains by fixing the curtain rods in the posts. You can easily take off the curtains when required. 

Try An Outdoor Bamboo Privacy Screen For An Eco-Friendly Environment

Most people use bamboo because they provide a natural aura to the home environment. An outdoor privacy screen is easy to build as well as cost-efficient. 

You mainly need large plant pots, bamboo shafts, soil and PVC pipes. Fill the pots with soil and place a PVC pipe in the centre. Make a screen with shower curtain, bamboos and zip ties.

Place the bamboos in the PVC pipe holes in each pot. For additional decoration, you can add flowers to the planters. 

Use Planter Box With Privacy Screen For Both Beautification And Privacy

Planter boxes are easily available these days on various commercial websites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and so on. However, you can make your own DIY planter box. 

Use wooden frames of various sizes depending on the size of your deck and construct a planter box. Just attach a well built wooden privacy screen at the back of the planter box.

Plant various plants and flowers in the box after adding soil. Now you have a mini-garden as well as a natural privacy screen to avoid intruding eyes.

DIY Fabric Porch Outdoor Privacy Screen For Your Home

The Fabric Porch Outdoor Privacy Screen is an ideal choice as it is perfect for everything- the exterior, deck area and the patio. It uses fabric hung high on a screen.

The major pieces of equipment you need to build such screens are fabric, stitching tools, wooden frames and screws. It is a great comfort outdoor idea for a hot sunny day.

Artificial Hedge Outdoor Privacy Screen As A Substitute For Natural Beauty

Unable to go natural is not something to worry about when you have an artificial hedge. Using DIY Artificial Hedge Outdoor Privacy Screen relieves you from the stress of maintaining natural plants and garden walls.

All you need to do is purchase an artificial hedge and spring them up. Multiple hedge patterns are available in the market but the wooden box design is the most popular.

Adding flowers to the hedge will definitely increase its beauty.

Rolls Of Bamboo Or Other Reed Grasses Privacy Screens For Your Balcony

how to add privacy screen to existing deck
Rolls Of Bamboo Or Other Reed Grasses Privacy Screens For Your Balcony

The bamboo plant’s utility is beyond imagination. If you like bamboo plants you can use its rolls and leaves or other reed grasses to make your own privacy screens.

Using bamboo rolls or other reed grasses is ideal for those who already have a railing. The balustrade is supported on a wooden frame. Just install the bamboo rolls.

Cut the bamboo into fixed sizes after measuring and fix them on the wooden strips. Finally, install the bamboo screens using L metal brackets.

Various Types Of Balcony Privacy Screen For Apartments

We have provided you with various types of balcony privacy screen options for your apartment and not just solutions about how to add privacy screens to the existing deck.

There are several options-

  • Roll-up outdoor shades
  • Outdoor curtains
  • Bamboo Room dividers
  • Outdoor screen enclosure
  • Planter box with privacy screens

Is It Good To Use A Lattice Privacy Screen On Deck?

Adding a traditional lattice grid privacy screen on your deck gives a great aesthetic look to your home. Creeper plants and other flowers can grow on them which makes them look more pretty.

And lattice is always a wise choice for privacy screens.


1. How Do I Add A Privacy Screen To An Existing Deck?

If you want to ensure some privacy on your deck a privacy screen is the best solution. Follow the steps mentioned in the “How to build a privacy screen for your deck?” section of the article to know how to add a privacy screen.

2. How Do You Enclose A Deck For Privacy?

The easiest way to ensure how to add privacy screens to the existing deck. There are a variety of options, choose the one that will best suit the overall appearance of your deck.

3. How Do You Attach A Lattice Privacy Screen To A Deck?

In order to attach a lattice privacy screen to a deck, you ought to follow our given ways-

  • Measure and cut the stringer with a circular saw.
  • Install the L-angles to the side of the deck posts. For getting a height, keep the L-Angles as low as possible.
  • Install the Stringer on the deck against the L-Angles. Go under the deck to nail the stringer using a two-by-four drill.
  • Measure the coverage area so that the lattice reaches the bottom of the stringer.
  • Cut the lattice to size and cover the deck.
  • Attach the lattice to the deck.
  • Attach the molding around the lattice very carefully.

4. How Do I Make My Patio Deck More Private?

There are several ways to make your patio deck more private. Try any of the following to do so-

  • Add a hanging screen
  • Hang outdoor drapery panels
  • Incorporate Vintage Signage
  • Add decorative panels
  • Create your own DIY panels

To Summarize 

Outdoor privacy screens are a must for your home. And who doesn’t want to enjoy a touch of beauty in their home’s outdoor environment? 

Yes, we all do! There are various kinds of privacy screens for your home depending on your aesthetic taste. Moreover, they are cheap and easy to use.

We hope to have provided you with all the information in this article about how to add privacy screen to the existing deck

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