How To Dry Cotton Clothes- Treat Your Cotton Clothes With Love

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Hi, there! Want to take proper care of How To Dry Cotton Clothes? You see, caring the cotton clothes is mostly related to how you wash the dry them. Cotton is a sensitive fabric and you must know how to dry cotton clothes properly.

Unlike the other clothes, cotton clothes must be handled with care. In this way, they will last longer and you can wear them for a long time.

The cotton clothes are stylish and you feel comfortable after wearing them. Be careful! They can be easily ripped too and one single stain can make you reject your favorite cotton t-shirt. Also, if you improperly wash them, they will shrink and you can’t do anything about it.

So, don’t let your favorite cotton clothes waste. Learn how to wash cotton shirts in the washing machine.

How To Wash Cotton Clothes In Washing Machine- Save Your Organic Cotton Washcloths From Shrinking

How To Dry Cotton Clothes- Treat Your Cotton Clothes With Love
How To Wash Cotton Clothes In Washing Machine- Save Your Organic Cotton Washcloths From Shrinking

Being a natural fabric, clothes made with cotton allows you to feel breathable, comfortable and relaxing. So, people often buy cotton garments, and when it is time for washing them, it gets a headache for many of them. They have to think about how to wash new clothes in a washing machine.

See, washing the cotton clothes with the hands is the best way to care for them. You just need to use a soft detergent and cool water. When you wash the cotton cloths with your hand, soaking them in water for 5 to 10 minutes, and then scrubbing them softly will be enough.

Once you have finished washing, instantly rinse the clothes with cool water.

Many people, do not have the time to wash the cotton clothes with their hands. They have no choice left but to opt for the washing machine. When the washing machine is your only choice, you have to know how to wash expensive clothes in the washing machine.

When you wash the expensive cotton clothes in the washing machine, there is always the chance of heavy friction and agitation. So, how can you avoid them? Don’t panic! The solution is your hands.

In order to avoid friction and agitation, wash the cotton garments with cool water and on a low cycle in the washing machine. This will reduce the chances of shrinking the cotton clothes.

Now, it is time for drying the cotton clothes after washing. You need to know that whether you wash the cotton clothes with your hands, or in the washing machine, you must not dry your cotton clothes directly under the sun.

In short, you have to avoid drying the expensive cotton clothes without any heat. Direct sunlight produces excessive temperature and in this way, your favorite garment will end up shrinking.

Also, never ever try to dry your expensive cotton clothes in the dryer. Instead, you can try to dry them either on a rack line or on a rack that is used to dry the cotton clothes. Also, try to hang the cotton clothes from a hanger to keep up the shape.

How To Properly Wash Cotton Clothes- Other Facts You Have To Keep In Mind

How To Dry Cotton Clothes- Treat Your Cotton Clothes With Love
How To Properly Wash Cotton Clothes- Other Facts You Have To Keep In Mind

All that I have said above is about how you can avoid the shrinking of cotton clothes. But there are other facts as well that you have to keep in mind when you are about to wash your cotton clothes.

So learn how to wash new cotton clothes or, more precisely, how to clean cotton clothes properly.

  • Avoid Stain

Give special treatments to the areas that are antiperspirant and exposed to sweat, such as the neckline areas and the armpit areas. Try to wash the cotton shirts and the other cotton clothes with a stain remover that is color-proof.

If the stain is fresh, immediately put the cloth under cool tap water and rub a little amount of soft detergent for 4 to 5 minutes.

If it is an old stain, add soft detergent to the water and soak the cloth for 5 to 8 minutes. After that, rub the stained area very gently with your finger. You can also use lemon juice, vinegar, mild bleach, baking soda, and even hydrogen peroxide as an alternative method.

  • Don’t Let The Clothes Lose Their Colors

The only way you can avail for this is to wash the cotton clothes in cold water and washing machine. And when you are using a washing machine, don’t forget to use color-catching sheets.  

  • Iron Your Favorite Cotton With Care

After drying the cotton clothes, you can iron them at a high temperature. But, to keep the clothes shiny and smoother, you have to iron the clothes both on inside and outside. At first, begin your ironing from the inside portion of the cotton cloth. This will remove creases when you are ironing from outside.

Have a stain already on the cotton cloth? Then ignore ironing the stained area. Otherwise, you will risk the fabric of that area. If you don’t have a choice left, put a damp cloth on that area and then iron it.

So if you are thinking about how to wash shirts in the washing machine, I guess you have your answers now.

How To Wash Indian Cotton Clothes- Steps You Should Follow

You can get various clothes made of cotton in India, such as Kurtis, sarees, salwar and other dresses as well. So, it is obvious that washing them needs different ways.

When it comes to cotton sarees, don’t put them in the washing machine. It is better to wash them with your hands with cool water and gentle detergent.

As for the Kurtis and salwar suits, you can wash them in the washing machine, but for that, you have to put cold water that is 30 degrees Celsius or below that temperature. Also, you need to set the washing cycle to a lower number and use a gentle detergent.

How To Wash Cotton And Polyester Clothes

How To Dry Cotton Clothes- Treat Your Cotton Clothes With Love
How To Wash Cotton And Polyester Clothes

So your clothes are made with both cotton and polyester. In this case, you do not have to follow the strict rules that you did for your pure cotton clothes. When a cloth is blended with polyester and cotton, you can opt for both cool and warm water as well.  And when you are about to dry them, you can keep them at very low heat in the dryer apart from drying them in the air.

Keep in mind one thing, if your clothes include more cotton, the less temperature you will need for washing and drying them.

So, do you still thinking of how to wash a cotton polyester dress shirt? Don’t worry too much. Polyester is made with chemicals that are based on petroleum. Being a synthetic fabric, it will not shrink when you put them on heat or temperature.

Therefore, don’t panic about how to wash cotton polo shirts, if you have bought any.

How To Keep Cotton Clothes Looking New- Don’t Let The Clothes Fades Away Easily

Thinking of how to make cotton clothes look new? Well, you have to opt for some extra care for your new and expensive cotton clothes.

  • You always have to choose a lower setting of your washing machine while you are washing your newly bought cotton clothes in the washing machine. Thus it will be a gentle wash.
  • Try to use mesh bags to protect the cotton garments.
  • Always rinse your cotton clothes inside out. 
  • Use cold water to wash the cotton clothes to keep the threads intact and strong.
  • Wash the clothes with a gentle detergent powder. You must use the detergent which is made of plant-based things.
  • Never wash the cotton clothes with chlorine bleach.
  • Do not put the cotton clothes directly under the sun. Try to make the clothes air dry.
  • If possible, use a front-loading washer.
  •  Always follow the washing instructions that are labeled on the packet of the detergent.

How To Wash New Fabric

Okay! A piece of new fabric has to be taken extra care of. You have to prewash it the same way that you do for the finished dresses. You need to wash the new fabric before you work with it. Generally, natural fabrics tend to shrink after you wash them.

To Sum It Up

Cotton clothes are loved by people a lot. In the summer season, cotton clothes are the ultimate relief to all. So, do give extra care and effort to these clothes. Wash and dry them properly to make them last longer.

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