How To Get Smell Out Of Towels In Front Load Washer

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How To Get Smell Out Of Towels In Front Load Washer really annoying when you try to wipe your face with your towel and you get a bad smell out of it. And nothing can be worse than drying off with a smelly towel after having a refreshing hot water bath.

So if you are sick and tired with the smelly towel problem and couldn’t find out a solution even after trying a lot of methods, let us help you with that.

One of the main reasons for a smelly, stinky towel could be your washer! Yeah, that’s true! If you have a front load washer, How To Get Smell Out Of Towels In Front Load Washer could be your everyday problem.

But don’t worry, here you will get the answer of how to get the smell out of towels in the front load washer. So, let us not waste any more time and start the digging.

How To Remove Sour Smell From Towels

The sour smell problem of towels is a story of almost every house. People try a lot of methods to get rid of that, but still, the smell remains. Even it goes, it comes back within a few days.

The problem lies in the reason for the smell. So if you want to remove the smell, How To Get a Smell Out Of the Towels In the Front Load Washer. And for that, you need to know why your towel smells bad.

How To Remove Sour Smell From Towels
How To Remove Sour Smell From Towels

Why Does My Towel Smell Bad?

The smelly towel problem can be the result of the following reasons.

  • You don’t allow your towel to dry properly after washing it.
  • You use bad detergent or fabric softener while washing your towels.
  • You generally leave your towels for too long in the dryer.
  • You wash your towels in front load washers.

Generally, if you leave your towels for too long in the dryer, the humidity of the dryer vent develops quite a funk and that is the reason for that sour smell in your towel. And front load washers are the key reason for growing mold and mildew smells.

Here are the steps of removing smell from towels.

Removing Smell From Towels – Step By Step Guide

Step 1 – Vinegar Wash

If you are using a front load washing machine, try washing towels with vinegar in a front loader. Keep your water settings at the highest, pour 1 cup of vinegar in it. Washing towels with vinegar is one of the widely acclaimed ways to get rid of those bad smells of towels.

Step 2 – Highest Temperature

Set the highest temperature for your front load washer to get the best results.

Step 3 – Baking Soda

Once you are done with washing with vinegar, your task is not completed yet. Now you have to wash the towels with baking soda.
Put half a cup of baking soda with the detergent this time. Set the temperature at the highest this time too.

Step 4 – Dry At Highest Heat

Once you are completely done with the washing, you have to dry the towels in the dryer of the machine. Set the highest heat temperature available in your machine. But it is the best idea to dry your towels in the sun to remove the bad smells completely.

There is no other dryer better than our sun.

Step 5 – Remove Your Towels From The Dryer At The Right Time

If you are living in a host country, it is quite natural for your towels to become stinky if you leave them for too long in the dryer.

You have to remove those towels from the dryer quickly in order to avoid bad smells coming out of them. But if you remove your towel before it dries completely, remember there will be high chances for it to catch those sour smells again.

Removing Smell from Washing Machine

Still, the stinky smell is there even after using the above-mentioned process? Then this could be the problem with your washer only!

Removing Smell from Washing Machine
Removing Smell from Washing Machine

Front-load washers easily grow mold. So if you are washing your towels in a washer that grows mold, obviously your towels won’t smell fresh. So you need to kill the mold in your washer to get the desired result and have the fresh smell from your towels.

Here are the steps of removing the smell from the washing machine.

  • Take ¼ cup of water.
  • Put ¼ cup of baking soda into the water.
  • Put 2 cups of white vinegar inside the washer.
  • Put the mixture of baking soda and water into the washer.
  • Run a normal load in high heat.
  • Scrub inside the washer with a sponge.
  • Put water and run the washer in high heat.

You are done. These steps surely will clean all the molds inside your washer and you will get rid of those sour smells of towels and all the clothes after washing.

Towel Smells After One Use – How To Get Rid Of This Problem

Are your fresh towels getting smelly after just one use? This is a very common problem, with a simple and easy solution!

Towels mostly become smelly because of moisture and dampness. Moisture easily catches a sour smell that stinks your nose. So in order to get rid of this problem, make sure your towels don’t catch moisture.

It is recommended to dry your towels after every use. Do not use your towel and just put it back on track. Allow it to dry. If you can dry it under the sun, nothing could be better than that. Sunlight not just dries your clothes, but also kills the bacteria which create bad smells.

How To Freshen Towels – Easy Steps

How To Freshen Towels – Easy Steps
How To Freshen Towels – Easy Steps

There are very simple and easy steps to keep your towels fresh. You do not have to send your towels to any professional cleaner, rather you can do it at your home only, with your daily household ingredients. Just follow the below-mentioned steps.

Soak your towels in vinegar. Put distilled white vinegar in a bucket, put a tablespoon of detergent, and soak those smelly towels in it for 30 minutes to a full night.

  • The next morning, put your towels into the drum of the washer.
  • Add detergent according to the amount of towels’ load.
  • Run a wash at the highest heat.
  • Dry your towels once you are done with the washing part. Try to dry the towels under the sun.

The above-mentioned process will help you to keep your towels fresh and keep away the bad smells. Do not forget to dry your towels after every single use to avoid the sour smell of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get The Smell Out Of Towels In A Front Loader?

If you are using the traditional front load washing machine, add 1 cup of baking soda to the towels and then pour water. Use hot water instead. Run a full cycle for the wash. This will take all the bad smell out of your towels so amazingly that you hardly have imagined.

How Do You Get The Bo Smell Out Of Towels?

Add white distilled vinegar and detergent to a bucket. Put your towels in the mixture and keep it for a full night. The next morning, wash your towels in a washing machine using detergent and hot water. Dry the towels under the sun.

Where Do You Put Vinegar In A Front Load Washer?

In the case of a front load washer, you have to put vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser if you want to use vinegar. Do not put the vinegar inside the drum before or during the wash.

If you want the vinegar to work properly and if you want your washer to avoid a system malfunction, you must add vinegar properly to the proper dispenser.

Why Do My Towels Smell Bad Even After Washing?

The bad smell comes out of your towels because of bacteria. The bacteria can form if your towel is not dried properly, or because of the detergents build-up, as a residue of softeners, or if you use a dirty laundry machine.

To get rid of the smell, use clean washers, and try to use a proper softener and detergent, and always dry your towels under the sun.

Final Words

We hope that in this article, you got all the solutions you wanted about smelly towels. Now you can have those neat and clean towels with fresh smells.

Do stay tuned to us for more household remedies!

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