How to Install Inground Pool Lights?

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Be ready with your JET PUMP to drain the entire water from your pool, Just Kidding! 

Installing lights in your inground pool is quite simple with few things that should be kept in mind and going through the complete steps one by one. 

But before this let us make you aware about, can you add lights to an inground pool and Why Add Lights in Your Pool?

 Importantly this is for safety measures. 

LED lighting for swimming pools is now coming up with new variations and amazing features. You will always wish to add cool pool lighting in your inground or above ground pool to have the best REFRESHING time with your family or friends. 

So, Let’s Gets Started, with the very first thing that you should know before installing your pool lights, that’s- 

How Many Types Of Pool Lights We Have? 

All total we have six different types of pool lights and you can choose any of them as per your convenience. 

These pool lights are- 

  • Flush-mounted underwater halogen pool light.
  • Surface-mounted underwater LED lights.
  • Flush-mounted underwater LED pool lights
  • Pool garden lighting.
  • Surface-mounted underwater halogen pool light.
  • LED floodlights.

That’s all about the pool lights options available, now lets us move back to the question- 

Can You Add Lights in an Inground Pool? 

And Yes, you can! With a very few simple steps, you can add lights to your inground pool. 

And this situation can come anytime like in case of replacement of light bulb. 

So, here’s everything that you should know about- 

Source: the perfect pool blog

How To Install A Pool Light In A Inground Pool? 

Well, this isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Installing a pool light in your inground pool doesn’t require draining the complete water from the pool. 

Installing a new light or replacing the old one gas to be made following the same steps. Thus, we are covering a stepwise process to replace your pool light for more clear understanding.

We bet after completing our read you will surely not going to think of hiring a professional for this. 

And this is possible only because of its convenient design that your pool light housing has. This allows you to remove it from your pool without disconnecting any internal wiring or external surface. 

Will you ever like to get wet, while dealing with electrical stuff? No, right? We are here to help you out with enlisting a stepwise process to replace your burned inground pool light without any fear. 

  1. The very first thing you have to do is to turn off the circuit breaker to stop the flow of current. 

How to check that there’s no current in the line now? For this place a non-contact tester against your inground pool light wall switch. 

In case of any current availability, the voltage tester will warn you with a flash indicator or sound beep. 

  1. After this, along with the bottom of the pool light housing bezel just look for the single screw.

In case it’s hard to reach the screw from outside of your inground pool then move into the pool to access the screw.

After finding it, remove the screw from the housing using the screwdriver. 

  1. Now, simply you have to pull the inground pool light housing out from the poolside and bring it out from the water.

Don’t worry! To avoid any short circuit and circuit breakdown you will notice that your pool light housing has a long, waterproof cord attached.

This will help you in replacing the LED light without moving into the water. Place the housing on a dry towel. 

  1. After taking out the housing, look behind the bezel for the brass screws.  

Now simply lose the screws to release the bezel, the side gasket and the main element of the lens from the housing.

  1. Here comes the need to screw checks in which you have to check for any discarded or corroded screw. If found then replace it with a new one. 
  1. After disassembling the complete housing dry it from inside using a soft terrycloth towel. 

Using the same towel, hold the previous LED light and untwist it from the socket. 

  1. Screw the new LED light in the light housing, make sure it gets a proper fit. Replacing the old housing gasket with a fresh one around the light lens edge will be a good move. 

The next thing you have to do is to put the lens on the housing end and install the screwed bezel after this. 

  1. Move into the pool and then insert the housing into the pool light the way you removed it. 

Note- In case you see a steady stream or continuous air bubbles moving out from the housing after submerging into water that means the bezel, gasket and lens are not tightly fixed. 

To fix this remove and replace the bezel, gasket and lens and continue again with ensuring a proper seal to avoid leakage. 

  1. After placing the housing back into the pool wall socket simply screw it back as you removed previously. Turn on the circuit breaker to check whether the inground pool light is working properly or not. 

Some people are confused about the Halogen pool light, here’s everything to make your clear-

Why To Choose Halogen Pool Light? 

How to Install Inground Pool Lights?
Source: Fuggetta pools

You can pick a halogen pool light for your inground pool because of its amazing design and features. 

It comes with a flat wall-mounted design and looks perfect built of stable, and very importantly it is made of a good heat-resistant plastic material. 

This halogen flood lamp is so designed that it works without any issue even when fully submerged into water.

But what makes this halogen pool light housing a good pick is its four major assessments. These are- 

  • The halogen pool light comes with a class III electric part that has a very low safety voltage. Apart thus it also complies with a very amazing 1PX8 degree of protection. 
  • It’s so designed that it can bear the water pressure at a normal depth of 2m without any issue.
  • The housing cross head comes with a screw mounted on its exterior to fix the light on the wall, even in place of the LED lighting. 
  • It has a powerful Halogen bulb of 100w/12v.

Now, have a look on- 

Why to Use Pool Lights For Above Ground Swimming Pools?

Well, honestly speaking a pool light is always mandatory for an above ground pool, but what it gives is something you can’t deny to bring it into your pool.

Above ground pool lights is indeed for aesthetics or we can say for safety purpose.

So, if your pool is in a well-lighted location then a pool light will not show that colourful glow. 

And if not then this investment will surely give you a satisfactory result, Trust Us! 

Now, the question that might be popping on your mind must be- 

How To Find The Best Above Ground Pool Light? 

Undoubtedly, the best light for an above ground pool is said to be the one that requires no drilling or draining. 

Also, it must disburse the light covering the entire pool.

A quick installation is one of its major features. You will never prefer a light installation that takes over hours as we have many options available that only take 15 minutes or less for installation without obstructing the waterline.

So, to stand out on these measures LED lights is undoubtedly the best option available. Because they are easy to install long-lasting and requires less energy for functioning. 

If you are planning for a halogen light for its low cost then let us make you clear, a halogen light may cost you less but has an operating cost that is around 80% higher than the LED. 

Now, the thing which a middle-class Individual will think of is the cost of installation.

So, Here’s- 

How Much A Pool light Initially And On Replacement Cost? 

A pool light during installation cost between $400–$900. In this complete installation, the only which needs to be replaced on a periodic basis is the light bulb. 

A pool light replacement cost in between the range of $200–$400, and the coat price varies depending on the unit of the bulb. 

Don’t Worry! The replacement will not have to be made in one or two years but after 7-15 years. 

But, What if you using Fiber optic pool lights. How much it cost during installation? 

The initial cost of the Fibre optic pool light ranges from $900–1500 during installation. The reason behind such a high cost is due to the fan that comes along with it as a cooler.

Note- The cost will also rise due to the electric motor which is used to rotate the colour wheel. 

Having so many components needs proper maintenance and replacement as they fail over time. And the main thing that the fiber optic pool light replacement which cost in the range of $200–$300.

The fibre optic bulb lights need to be replaced after 3–7 years. 

Did we left out something? Yes, we haven’t yet added colours to your pool. For this start rolling your eyes on- 

How to Install Inground Pool Lights?
Source: pool quest

How To Install A Nicheless Pool Light? 

This is something very simple for you if you have gone through our complete step-wise process to replace LED light. 

The nicheless led pool light will give you a very affordable, and quick installation. To complete the installation process just screw out the led light housing placed on the pool wall and replace it with nicheless light housing.

Done! Isn’t so simple. Then what are you waiting for when you can simply add underwater pool lights colour to your backyard pool and feel like it’s a spa. 

Additional Features of Nicheless LED Pool Light are- 

  • Compatible with iAquaLink and AquaLink.
  • Energy-efficient and long-lasting. 
  • A total of 5 light shows and along with these 9 vibrant colours.
  • Brighter and eye-catchy lighting.

Final Words-

Here we came to wrap up our read by covering almost everything regarding the installation and other important stuff related to pool light. Giving colors to your pool can surely give you the best relaxing time in the water.

We hope our read must have helped you choosing the right pool light and even making you all set to stand like a professional when it comes to installation. 

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