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Does a warm pool give a wonderful swimming experience have you installed a pool in your home and thinking about how to make pool water warm in a cost-effective way? We have all the solutions!

There are multiple options to quickly heat up your pool.

It’s important to consider the type and size of your pool before deciding on a heating solution. You can use various DIY methods for your small pool/spa pool.

However, if you have a big pool you can use pool water heaters and solar sheets.

Easy Diy Solar Pool Heater Black Hose Solutions

You can easily make your own solar pool heating solution with black hose pipes.

Black color absorbs more heat and black-colored hose pipes are the ideal choice to heat your pool. Ensure that the color of the water hose is black.

how to make pool water warm

Get some additional 100-150ft for this technique. Keep the rest of the hose in a coiled form at a place, to receive maximum heat.

While filling the water through this hose, the coil formation will absorb the heat and the water will pass through it.

And your DIY solar pool heater solution is ready! This way you will be able to enjoy a warm swimming pool.

Easy Diy Above Ground Pool Heater Solutions

There are some easy DIY hacks to heat above-ground pools.

You can use your black hose pipe pool heating solution, in the same way; it is used for the underground pool.

You can also use other DIY solar pool heating options such as solar covers, black bin bags, liquid solar covers, and so on. You just need to place them on your pool and the job is done.

Placing copper wires on your prefabricated pool heater on the roof can raise the temperature by 30 degrees.

Pondering How To Heat Above Ground Pool?

Still not sure about how to make pool water warm for your above-ground pool? It can be done in multiple ways.

There are a few DIY options mentioned above, apart from that, you can always use heating pumps, solar panels, gas pool heaters or even a solar dome.

Above ground, pools are even located on the roofs. The presence of high-rise buildings blocks sunlight from reaching the pool surface, external heaters become necessary to warm the water.

Know More About Black Hose Pool Heater

We have already told you how to use a black hose pool heater to warm your pool. Although, there are some issues related to it that must be kept in mind.

This heating technique is largely weather-dependent. It will not be able to provide continuous heating to your pool.

You might have to refill your pool every half an hour, for this to work. It can get very troublesome as heat-retaining is a big issue.

However, one solution to that is using solar covers/ black pool covers, which will retain the heat even if you use the pool at night.

Know The Best Way To Heat Above Ground Pool

The best way to heat an above-ground pool is to do it using a gas/electric pump or solar panels/dome.

how to make pool water warm

There isn’t always much space available to use various DIY hacks for heating above-ground pools. Therefore, one has to rely upon such external devices to do the work.

A pump helps to heat the water quickly and whenever required and is space-efficient.

Similarly, solar panels will also store solar energy which can be converted into electrical energy to heat the water, even at night.

Use Black Garbage Bags To Heat Pool Within 45 Minutes!

A lot of people want to use a warm pool, but buying a pool heater or installing solar panels might not always be cost-friendly.

In such cases, you have homemade solutions!

You can always use black garbage bags or bin bags to heat your pool. The easiest solution to heat up a paddling pool is to use some black bin bags to cover its surface.

This material will warm up the water quickly within 45 mins or so and keeps it warm for the rest of the day.

Wondering How To Make Pool Water Warm Fast?

The fastest way you can heat your pool is by using a gas pool heater along with solar covers.

The water will pass through the heater while a combustion chamber does its task of burning and making the water warm before returning it to your pool.

After that, you can use solar covers to retain the heat.

However, a gas pool heater is expensive and even requires a good amount of maintenance cost. At the same time, it remains to be the fastest pool warming solution available.

Thinking About How To Heat A Pool Fast Diy?

Are you not yet sure how to make pool water warm? There are multiple DIY options available for you to fast heat your pool.

  • Use large black plastic sheets to cover the pool surface that will absorb the heat from sunlight and trap it to keep your pool warm.
  • Using black or dark-colored bin bags/garbage bags to heat paddle pools has also turned out to be extremely effective.
  • Another DIY method is to use the burning wood method. You can use firewood and start the fire and later on use the piping to cross the pool to heat the pool water.

DIY methods will help in faster cooling of your pool, but again the type and size of the pool need to be considered. They are always suitable for heating small pools.

Perfect Solar Pool Heater Options For Your Pool

When it comes to solar pool heaters, we are surrounded by several options to heat our pool effectively.

  • Solar covers are the cheapest and best solution to effectively warm your pool and retain the heat inside it. However, it is the most basic solution of solar pool heating options.
  • Solar rings are extremely effective, they resemble solar covers but reduce evaporation by 10% and are easy to install.
  • Liquid solar covers work like magic. They are made from fatty alcohol substance, which traps the heat and prevents evaporation. They are also easier to use than solar covers.
  • Solar dome collects the sun’s rays and distributes your pool water through warming channels before returning it to the pool. It raises the temperature up to 10 degrees.
  • Solar panels convert the solar energy into electric energy which runs the water heater and heats the pool water. It is an eco-friendly option but it can prove to be very expensive.

Using Black Garbage Bags To Heat Pool Is A Cost-Efficient Method

We have already discussed how black garbage bags are extremely effective in heating pool water. It’s also a cost-friendly option at the same time.

The greatest advantage is you can reuse plastic bags every day to heat your pool. Since it is a household essential, there is no question of additional expenses.

It is the easiest and most inexpensive way to warm your pool water and enjoy a wonderful swimming experience.

Ways Of Using Hot Water Heater To Heat Pool

how to make pool water warm

A water heating pump is a cost-efficient one-time investment solution. It absorbs the heat from the air and uses that heat to warm the water before pumping it into the pool.

These pumps don’t take much space. However, they need a warm temperature to work. These pump heaters can only work from April-October.


1. How Can I Heat My Pool Fast?

The fastest way to heat your pool is to use both the pool heating pump as well as solar cover/black garbage bags.

The heating pump will rapidly heat the pool water and solar covers/ black garbage bags will prevent the heat from escaping.

2. How Long Does It Take To Heat A Pool?

It will largely depend on what is the size of your pool. If you have a small pool/ spa it might take about 1 hour to raise the temperature to 20°F or 11°C.

However, if you have a large pool, it might take about 24-72 hours to reach that temperature.

3. Will Black Plastic Heat My Pool?

Yes, Black plastic will help in heating the pool. Black is a good heat absorbent and will trap the heat.

You can use black PVC pipes and black garbage bags to heat your pool. However, it is suggested to use large black plastic sheets for better results. 

To Summarize

We have provided you with all the possibilities as to how to make pool water warm in a cost-efficient and hassle-free manner.

However, you must remember heating a large pool is not easy. A large pool holds gallons of water and takes time to get warm.

The best-suggested method is to use a water pump and pair it with solar covers to prevent the heat from escaping.

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