How To Remove Broan Bathroom Fan Cover: Top Method To Remove, Replace And Clean!

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Cleanliness or replacement of fan covers is required from time to time since they do get dirty due to the constant exposure of air with dust. Hence, we do understand your concern, thus we have devised multiple ways how to remove broan bathroom fan cover.

You obviously would not want it to affect the fan’s performance. Hence, you need to replace it as soon as it gets damaged or stuck in the dirt. Furthermore, you can also remove it if you want to avoid additional costs of the replacement and other things.

Now, since we are specifically talking about a Broan bathroom fan cover, there are options you can choose from. Sometimes, rather than replacing it with a new one, you can just clean it and then fix it back to its original position.

This will save you from the cost of getting a new fan cover as well. But at times, it will leave you only with a replacement option.

But, knowing the right steps to remove Broan bathroom cover or clean Broan bathroom cover, or even replace Broan bathroom covers can save you from a lot of hassle.

So, let me know some perfect ways to do that!

Best Ways To Remove Broan Bathroom Cover

how to remove broan bathroom fan cover.

1. Turning Off the Electricity Switch

 This is the first step that you need to perform whenever you are working or handling any electric device or gadget. You need to cut down its electricity supply. It will save you from all forms of electric hazards. Reasons:

  • You are not required to assume any risks while performing your duties. Cut off the main supply of electricity to the bathroom while working in the bathroom to remove the fan cover.
  • Before turning off the main power, make sure you have a torch and a stable stool to stand on.

Now, you are ready to reassemble the fan cover or replace it.

2. Bathroom Vent Cover Removal

Let’s get into the process of how to remove the bathroom vent cover while we are on this topic. These are the steps involved:

Make sure the fan’s electricity is switched off first. Turn off the circuit at the breaker box to be extra safe.

  • Remove the vent cover by gently pushing it down and squeezing the metal mounting wires together on both sides if it’s just a vent with no light. Remove them from the fan housing by sliding them out of their slots.
  • If your vent cover has a light, make sure the wiring is disconnected first. Before removing the lid, press the connector’s release tab.

That’s it, you’re done.

3. Removal Of Bathroom Fan Cover

  • Next, let’s get into the process of how to remove the bathroom fan cover and get into the steps involved:
  • Firstly, look for any screws or clips that are used to hold the cover in place. It also relies on the type of model you have installed in your bathroom.
  • Broan bathroom covers do not generally come with clips but double-check for screws and clips before removing the cover.
  • When it’s time to pull it down, don’t pull it down with full force or in a violent manner; this could shatter the cover’s body, which you don’t want to do.
  • Be careful with the screws, carefully remove them all and store them somewhere safe because you’ll need them to return the cover to its original position.

4. Removal Of NuTone Bathroom Fan Cover

Cleanliness is essential, but if the situation is too bad, you can even remove the fan cover. Keeping it motionless when it’s rolled up in dirt is perhaps the most unsanitary thing you can do, so don’t do it. Steps involved in how to remove Nutone bathroom fan cover:

  • It is strongly advised that the fan be turned off at the circuit breaker. Remove the cover once you’re certain the machine isn’t powered up.
  • Pull it aside from the housing until you can get your fingers all the way around it. The slider spring clip mounting wires should now be visible.
  • To remove the mounting wires from their slots, squeeze and pull them. The lid should now be completely removed.

Best Ways To Clean Bathroom Fan Cover

how to remove broan bathroom fan cover.

1. Cleaning the NuTone Bathroom Fan

NuTone makes a popular line of bathroom exhaust fans that can be seen in many homes today. Fans, on the other hand, must be cleaned in order to function properly. Cleaning your bathroom fan, fortunately, is not difficult. Steps involved in how to clean Nutone bathroom fan:

  • Place the cover on some newspaper and vacuum it with a bristle brush attachment to clean out.
  • Once the dry dust has been removed, wash the cover with soap and warm water to remove the remaining dust and dirt. Set the cover aside after drying it with a lint-free cloth. That is all there is to it.

2. Cleaning The Vent Cover With Soapy Water

Cleaning the fan cover is probably the easiest step of all. You just need to fill your sink with warm water. Then, add a few drops of dish soap into the water. Let’s see how to clean the vent cover with soapy water:

  • Put it in the water and let it soak for a while.
  • Then, with a dry towel or any clean cloth, remove the cover and wipe it.
  • Scrub it clean to get rid of any dirt, dust, or mold. Place the cover on the floor to let the air dry, and you’re finished.

3. Using Vacuum To Get Rid Of  Dust On Exhaust Fan

Since, it is a time for cleanliness, lets know how to use a vacuum to get rid of all the dust on the exhaust fan:

  • You need to unplug the standard two-prong switch that powers the fan before touching the exhaust fan.
  • Once the electricity supply is cut off, you can start cleaning. Begin by rubbing off the dust with the help of a vacuum.
  • For cleaning the dust off the motor pieces, use any brush with bristles.

Quick Methods To Replace Bathroom Cover

how to remove broan bathroom fan cover.

1. Replacement of Bathroom Exhaust Fan Cover

  • Today we will use Broan to show you how easy it is to update and install a new exhaust fan cover over an existing ceiling exhaust fan. Let’s see how:
  • The old cover needs to be removed so pull it away from the ceiling and pinch the springs on each side together.

Now, choose the correct bathroom exhaust fan spring clips for your model. If you want an exhaust fan with light directly above the shower, place it accordingly.

  • Now, one spring needs to be attached to the fan receptacle. Then you need to plug the motor into the new cover.
  • Next, you need to attach the second spring to the fan and push the cover-up against the ceiling. You’re done!

2. Broan Bathroom Fan Cover Replacement

Do you think, a replacement can be easy and quick job? Well, if it dies done step-by-step, it won’t be that hard too. So, here are the steps involved in Broan Bathroom Fan Cover Replacement:

  • Firstly, you need to check for the screws and clips with the help of which the cover is attached. It honestly depends on the kind of model you use.
  • But since we are discussing broan, it doesn’t usually come with clips, but don’t pull the cover without taking necessary precautions.
  • Now, be careful and do not pull it down with all your strength. It may cause substantial damage to the body of the cover and I’m sure you would not want that.

Lastly, you can clean the cover with a damp towel and with the help of a brush. Replace it with a brand new cover right after you finish cleaning. Easy, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Remove An Old Broan Bathroom Fan Cover?

If the bath fan doesn’t have a light, then with almost all fans, you simply pull down on the cover or grille. Once the grille drops down about a 1/2-inch from the ceiling, you should be able to get your fingers underneath it. You should be able to pull it down another inch or two. Read the article for further details.

2. How Do You Remove A Broan Vent Fan Cover?

 If it’s just a vent with no light, remove the vent cover by gently pulling down on it, then squeezing the metal mounting wires together on both sides. Slide them out of their slots, removing them from the fan housing.

3. How Do You Remove A Bathroom Fan Cover?

 First, check for any screws and clips through which the cover is attached. Then simply pull it down and be careful about the screws.

4. How Do You Clean A Broan Bathroom Fan?

 In order to clean it, place the cover on some newspaper and clean it with a vacuum with a bristle brush attachment. Then, dust off all of the dirt.


We know that the little fan in your bathroom is more important than it looks to most people. Hence, this detailed guide will come in handy whenever you need to clean it or replace it. It is usually recommended to do it once every 6 months. You can follow the cleaning procedure or the replacement procedure as mentioned in this article. Go, get it done if you want your exhaust fan to look neat and hygienic.

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