How To Wash Silk Pillowcase? Wash Your Delicate Material Without Ruining It:

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Obviously, it is a universal truth that silk pillowcases are those materials that are more than chic upgrades for your bed. That’s why you love to buy it. Right? Silk pillowcases have a variety of benefits. They can protect your hair fall, they can smoothen your skin, and more. Above all, they are attractive and are perfect for your home decoration. How to Wash Silk Pillowcase

But then there are dust and pollution. The grease- causing dirt and oil can easily decrease their beauty so quickly. That will be a true headache for you. I mean, who wants to clean them as a part of their regular routine?

One thing I must tell you. Silk pillowcases are very delicate textiles and there are some specific rules and conditions which are applicable whenever you want to wash your silk pillowcases.  

Here, in this particular article, I will discuss with you about how you can wash them with care. What I mean to say is, you cannot go to the laundries regularly in order to wash them. Isn’t it?

Washing Silk Pillowcase: Care for your Silk:  

Well, I may suggest you that it is a great idea to have extra silk pillowcases on hand for your busy weeks. But you need to wash those silk pillowcases frequently, especially in this Covid situation, in order to make them free from dust and bacteria.

How To Wash Silk Pillowcase? Wash Your Delicate Material Without uRining It:
How To Wash Silk Pillowcase?

Now come to the point directly. Actually, you will need some washing appliances, when you want to wash your silk pillowcases. The equipment are: Washer or sink, cold water, gentle detergent, distilled white vinegar, a drying rack and an iron. You can also use a mesh laundry bag. But that will not be necessary for washing the silk pillowcases.

Now, what you will have to do is to follow some steps in order to wash them. Here are the steps for you:

  1. You know what? You can wash your silk pillowcases either in washer or by your own hand. If you go for the washer, you must choose the gentle cycle. You need to put the silk pillowcases in a mesh laundry bag to protect it from any sharp cutting material.

Decided to wash with your own hand? No worries. Just remember that a gentle touch and no twisting or wringing will do the work for you. Why so? Because, silk is that fabric which remains strong when it is dry, but becomes much weaker when they are in a wet condition.

  • When you are washing your silk pillowcases, be careful about the fact that the silk needs a gentle detergent for washing, just like the wool wash. Some harsh detergents simply make the silk rough and scratchy. On the other hand, a gentle detergent can clean the silk well and protects the fibre too.

You need to use near about one tea spoon detergent per sink basin for the silk, when you are washing with your hand. As for the washer, from two table spoon to one fourth cup should be used. Don’t forget that this depends on the size of the laundry load.

  • Let me make it very clear! You must not forget to check if there is any stain on your silk pillowcases before you toss it in the washer or hand wash. If you find any stain, what you need to do is to dab your fingers gently into the stained area with the detergent. Leave it in that condition for 15 minutes before you wash the silk pillowcases. This will help to break the stain molecules. After 15 minutes, you can wash them as usual.

Tip: Never use chlorine bleach for washing the silk. This can permanently damage the silk pillowcases. Also do avoid stain removers available in the market. They can make your silk yellowish and also you may see breakage in fibres.

  • If you choose to wash your silk pillowcases with cold water, trust me! You are doing the best for your silk pillowcases.
  • Always remember that distilled white vinegar is the best for washing the silk pillowcases. Not only it will help to remove any soapy remnant in the silk, but also will make the silk even smoother.

Tip: Please use near about ¼ cup in vinegar in the rinse water, as for handwashing. As for the washer, you can add one-half cup of vinegar with the fiber softener dispenser. It depends on the size of the load.

  • Do avoid a hot dryer as silk and high temperature are not at all compatible with each other. The best thing you can do to dry your silk pillowcases is to use a drying rack. Always put it away from direct heat and sunlight.
  • Never ever fold your silk pillowcases tight with sharp cases, when you’re storing them. As for ironing, always use the lowest temperature of the iron and do use a clean white cotton cloth between the iron and the silk.

How to Wash Satin Pillowcase:

So, basically you are thinking of switching to satin pillowcases and also worrying about how to wash them. Let’s not get worried too much. Unlike the silk or ultra-high-end cottons, satin is not that difficult to wash or care once you’ve got the hang of it. You just need to follow some easy methods to wash satin pillowcases. Here you go:

How To Wash Silk Pillowcase? Wash Your Delicate Material Without uRining It:
Wash Silk Pillowcase
  1. To protect the inner lining, always turn the satin pillowcase inside out.
  2. You can send the satin pillowcases to the laundry. But handwashing also will do the work. Just remember to use a gentle detergent, cool water and a simple kneading movement to make them dust-free.
  3. You may use a mesh laundry bag for your satin pillowcases in order to prevent them from getting wrapped or twisted out of shape.
  4. If you go for washing the satin pillowcases in the washing machine, do select the lowest strength spin cycle.
  5. A friendly reminder is that a dryer isn’t a great idea for the satin pillowcases.
  6. After the wash, lay your satin pillowcases on a fluffy towel for drying.

So, you see, if you are following the tricks properly, I can say that your satin pillowcases will be safe.

How to Hand Wash Silk Pillowcase:        

Just follow the directions mentioned here:

  • First, fill your bowl with cold water and mix a small amount of gentle detergent.
  • Now, put your silk pillowcases in the water and gently move your fabric around the water for a minute.
  • Now take out the pillowcases and squeeze them politely to remove the extra water.
  • Now mix a little white vinegar with cold water and repeat the moving process.
  • After that, just swirl the pillowcases in clear cold water unless the detergent will be removed. Politely squeeze the excess water and hang your pillowcases to dry. Place them away from direct sunlight.

How to Wash Slip Silk Pillowcase:

Well, washing your slip silk pillowcase is not at all a complicated process. You just need to use 30ml of slip gentle silk wash per cycle when you wash them with hands. Do use cold water and rinse carefully. Always use a delicate cycle setting with cold water when you go for a washing machine. Do check inside the slip for further instructions.

How To Wash Silk Pillowcase? Wash Your Delicate Material Without uRining It:
Silk Pillowcase?

How often should you wash silk pillowcases?          

Okay! An important query, indeed! For this particular point, I can suggest you that you should wash your silk pillowcases for at least once in a week. The best you can do is to wash them in every two days in order to protect them from outside world.

After all, you yourself can see that washing silk or satin pillowcases is not at all a time taking process. You can do it by your own without your wasting both time and money.


How often should you wash a silk pillowcase?

You should wash your delicate silk pillowcases in every two or three days in a week. But, if you are in busy schedule and unable to do so, you need to wash your silk pillowcases for at least once in every week.

Can you wash 100% silk?

The answer is yes. You can wash your 100% silk. The best way to wash your 100% silk items is that you should turn the clothes inside out. Then wash it with your hands with cold water and with a few drops of liquid detergent in a wash basin or in a sink. For example, Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent can be used for this.  

After that, you just need to agitate the clothes using your hands. Then you have to let them soak for a little while. Gently squeeze the extra water after washing and place them to dry away from direct sunlight or heat.

How do you dry a silk pillowcase?

Place the silk pillowcases away from direct heat or sunlight as silk and high temperature are not at all compatible with each other. Put the silk pillowcases on a drying rack. If you use a dryer, set the lowest temperature and take the pillowcases out while still slightly damp.

How To Wash Silk Pillowcase? Wash Your Delicate Material Without uRining It:
How To Wash Silk Pillowcase? Wash Your Delicate Material Without uRining It:

What happens if you put a silk pillowcase in the dryer?

In a dryer, massive temperature and heat make the silk fabric dull and thus, the silk pillowcases may shrink. Also, the dryer drum can cause snags or white steaks.

Take Care of Your Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are one of your ornaments of bed that you would never want to get dirty. Always keep your silk pillowcases clean and fresh. It will surely keep your mind fresh and eyes happy, and surely will give you peaceful sleep.

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